Contracts Part I: Draw the Law

Today, I am kicking off with contract law, which I hope to culminate in a month or two into a live contract workshop for businesspeople to understand what the word “contract” means for attorneys. Why? I believe the more you know, the more it helps lessen your legal costs and doesn’t waste your attorney’s time of re-explaining the wheel to you. (*In addition, for the time we are on contracts, Boilerplate Blurb will be fused with Draw the Law).

What is a Contract? [...]

LAUNCH Festival

If you have any ideas for a killer company, LAUNCH Festival is still accepting applications on a rolling basis, so get yours in NOW: (40 slots total)
The LAUNCH Festival taking place March 7 & 8. [...]

Founder Institute Deadline

This Sunday is the deadline for the Founder Institute Seattle and Los Angeles. Early Applicants can apply for free (there is usually a $50 processing fee for our Admissions Test), and also have the best chance at acceptance because we do rolling admissions. [...]