The House Y Combinator Should Have Built

YC is a heavily curated community; from the selection process of participants to the filtering of the email founders list, it’s curated so finely to maintain the quality. But I would argue that a more organic community experience could also thrive for YC. (granted it would require a thoughtful and dedicated community organizer) [...]

LAUNCH Festival

If you have any ideas for a killer company, LAUNCH Festival is still accepting applications on a rolling basis, so get yours in NOW: http://launch.producteev.com/home.php (40 slots total)
The LAUNCH Festival taking place March 7 & 8. [...]

Startup America Comes to Hawaii

A few months ago, I read about Startup America and how this Steve Case-funded and President Obama-backed initiative provides various resources for entrepreneurs. The main goal is to drive job creation by helping to build strong startups across the country. One of their campaigns is to foster “Startup America Regions” throughout the country, where local entrepreneurs and independent professionals can support each other, [...]

GreenCar Continues Growth, Expands to Waikiki

“Mobility on-demand?” That’s an interesting concept, and an interesting tagline for a company named “GreenCar.” MacNaughton gets philosophical when asked about whether they are selling convenience or planet-saving transportation, looking towards the day where eco-friendly is the norm rather than something that you need to proactively market. [...]