Co-Founder of Kauai’s Ukulele Underground Podcasts Startup Tips


Ryan Esaki, the dynamic co-founder of Kauai-based startup success, Ukulele Underground, and the related Lesson Underground, recently launched a new podcast series dedicated to passing along his near-decade of knowledge on building a tech startup in Hawaii.

Bootstrap Hawaii, which is in its fourth episode, covers what he has learned over the years of growing these projects into ongoing successful businesses. From how they spent their money (episode #3 is titled, “Throwing Away $50k”) to ideas that fell flat to, more frequently, what they did wrong, Esaki gives a candid and honest view into the life of a budding startup.

Esaki also goes deep into different topics, discussing how he worked with early customers who wanted lessons for specific (and obscure) songs, to how he cold called potential advertisers. It all adds up to create a compelling narrative from which any startup entrepreneur can learn, even those outside of Hawaii.

While most of the examples revolve around his music sites, the stories and lessons learned are universally helpful, no matter what your business. Esaki also teases a bit about why his startups never considered outside funding, and promises more on that topic in the future.

You can listen to the podcasts here.

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