Statewide Hackathon Using Uber’s API Coming October 23-25


DevLeague is running an upcoming statewide hackathon, with support from Uber, High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC), Maui Economic Development Board, Nalukai Foundation, Ukulele Underground, The Box Jelly and

Hackers will be required to use Uber’s API as they develop apps during the hackathon, and prizes range from a 50% DevLeague scholarship to a day at Uber’s headquarters.

According to DevLeague, the statewide 2015 Hawaii Hackathon will allow developers from across the islands to come together with entrepreneurs and designers in venues in their own communities and participate together as a whole., an educational streaming platform, will connect teams on the neighbor islands to collaborate and build transportation web applications using Uber’s API for some really cool prizes during this 36 hour event. Hackers can participate at the following locations:

  • The Box Jelly in Honolulu
  • Maui Economic Development Board and Maui Research Technology Center in Kihei, Maui
  • Anchor Cove Shopping Center in Lihue, Kauai
  • Startup Suite 8 in Kamuela, Big Island

According to DevLeague, they are still taking sponsors (prizes, food, refreshments, or cash), and are in the process of finding a diverse panel of judges, which will include two Uber engineers. Participants are expected to be at the location on their island for the majority of the event

During the hackathon, the developed apps must use some component of the Uber Developer API. According to DevLeague, “The application must be functional and demo-able in a working state, meaning it must be hosted somewhere that the application is accessible. The application must have been developed over the course of the event. Existing modules are allowed for integration but the application must be a new application. For physical hardware if someone so chooses, they will need to demo over a live video feed.”

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