Code For Hawaii Plans Future, You’re Invited to Help


Code for Hawaii, the local brigade of the national Code for America initiative, has scheduled a meeting this Wednesday, April 29, at 6:30 PM at The Box Jelly to plan for their future. According to a recent email from those driving the event and the group, the purpose is to bring together those “interested in breathing some life into the movement.”

CodeforAmericaThe email mentions that “the recent change in administration has presented some bumps in the road – it’s nothing we can’t overcome.”

In describing their intent for this meeting, they state that it “won’t involve code, data calls, or anything of that sort. It’ll be helping plan the future of this organization.  We’ll be thinking about our core values and refining a mission statement, outlining strategies (and thinking up new ones), and hopefully figuring out where to go next.”

There’s no need to RSVP; they’re asking that you just show up!

Oh, and even if you’re not a coder, they still encourage you to attend.

“Everyone has a role to play from business/relationship development to community building to technologists. If you’re passionate about using technology to help make Hawaii a better place, we’ll definitely have a spot for you – and you might learn a thing or two about government and technology.”

Event Details:

  • WHAT:  Code for Hawaii planning meeting
  • WHEN:  Wednesday, April 29, at 6:30 PM
  • WHERE:  The Box Jelly