Honolulu Startup Digest – March 2, 2015 Edition

March 02, 2015

Good Morning Everyone!

We just wanted to say congratulations to all the winners and finalists of the 15th Annual HVCA Deal of the Year Event. What an awesome turnout and event for the community. Check out the slideshow from the event and the list of all the winners!

We also wanted to congratulate Dev League on being recognized as #9 of the top 33 coding bootcamps in the U.S.! BTW, this top bootcamp still has spots open for their next Part Time class starts on April 11 and their Full Time course on May 26.

Got any news, events, job postings, etc. you’d like to share?As always, feel free to reach out to Kevin (kevin.shin@startupdigestmail.com) or Will (william.doom@startupdigestmail.com) to get included in the next digest.

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The Impact of Entrepreneurship (Free)

March 2nd 5:00pm

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, intrapreneur, innovator, ideator or simply a creative soul with hunger for being part of something greater than yourself? Then do not hesitate to show up and get an idea of what it all means and meet the right people that can help guide you in the right direction with your thoughts!

Finance Factors Center, 1164 Bishop Street, Suite 300, Honolulu, HI | View in Calendar


Meet with a Corporate Attorney from Business Law Corps FREE LEGAL GUIDANCE (FREE)

March 4th 11:00am

As a community service, HTDC in partnership with the Business Law Corps will offer FREE business law information to all small businesses.The attorneys are experienced corporate lawyers, and can help you with: questions related to choice of entity, governance, for-profit corporations, LLCs and partnerships.

Sign up for a 30 min session by emailing appointments@htdc.org.

Manoa Innovation Center 2800 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, HI 96822 | View in Calendar


Oahu Online Business Meetup: Coffee and Online Business Chat (at Mocha Java Cafe) (Free (Just order $5 worth of food and drinks))

March 10th 6:00pm

Hang out with fellow online entrepreneurs. It’s very casual.  The social mixers don’t have a presentation or agendaWe often share recommendations of good blogs to read, podcasts to listen to, and other resources to help each other succeed.

Mocha Java Cafe 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI | View in Calendar


“Callbacks… or Promises?” by the Organization for Understanding Dynamic Languages (Free)

March 10th 7:00pm

Writing Asynchronous code in JavaScript can often times be confusing. JavaScript callbacks allow you to handle concurrency by offering to run a function at the end of another function with the return values of the previous function. But callbacks come with a few downsides.

HICapacity (Suite 132) Manoa Innovation Center 2800 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, HI 96822 | View in Calendar


Windward Entrepreneur’s Meetup: Meet, Chat, and Learn (Free)

March 12th 5:30pm

Welcome to our 2nd Thursday of the month meetings.
Pinky’s is a great place to meet and very hospitable.We have a very informal structure, just come and meet chat and learn!  But there is no reason we can’t think of more structured activities as well.  For instance we can review business plans (no matter how informal), suggest resources, work on next steps, etc.

Pinky’s Pupu Bar & Grill 970 North Kalaheo Avenue, Kailua, HI | View in Calendar

Hawaiian Telcom University 2015 – The Innovation Universer (Free)

March 17th 8:00am

Hawaii Convention Center, 1801 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

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