OpConnect Hawaii Seeking Digital Engagement Manager


Note: This is a direct reprint of a job posting from OpConnect. Please contact Dexter Turner at dturner@opconnect.com to learn more.


OpConnect Hawaii has deployed a powerful new communications channel in Hawaii. Our communications network is built around the largest network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers in Hawaii. Our charging stations feature high-definition display screens capable of displaying video content. We are interested in partnering with an entrepreneurial, creative individual that is interested in building a business that combines cultivating relationships with brands and helping them understand how to maximize the potential of this communications network.

The Digital Engagement Manager will work with brands to help them optimize soft branding messaging that combines:
• client’s desired messaging
• the demographic reach the EV charger network provides
• the flexibility afforded by public video display technology

This is an opportunity to build a digital engagement business with revenue potential from the placement of digital messaging on the network, and consulting services to help companies understand how to use this new channel to their advantage.

Hawaii has one of the highest per-capita EV ownership rates in the country and EVs are becoming more popular as we learn about their benefits. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of this fast-growing industry. It is also your chance to bring your own creative and innovative skills to the table and develop lasting relationships with brands and your own business.

To stress that this is a partnership, OpConnect Hawaii is offering a generous revenue sharing structure that will allow the Digital Engagement Manager to build a profitable business. You have the potential to earn six figures in the first year depending upon performance and your ability to identify brands and build relationships.

Interested candidates please contact Dexter Turner at dturner@opconnect.com to learn more.