Mapping the Mbloom Network


Given the mbloom controversy and the myriad players involved, I thought that it would be interesting to visualize the network and connections. Before I point you to it, I’d like this to to be a community project, so please visit this link to the discussions page if you have any relevant and fact-based additions, or any questions, concerns, or ideas. I’ll work on editing the map as things progress.

Let me get another thing out in the open:  This isn’t a witch hunt, I don’t have a pitchfork. It’s transparency and facts, plain and simple. If something’s incorrect, let me know.

Also, since the heart of this issue revolves around transparency, I’d like to disclose that the tech behind this map is from, a Honolulu- and California-based startup which I wrote about twice, here and here. I know the founders personally.

So, here’s the interactive map: Let me know what you think.



Note :  I’d eventually like this to evolve into a complete network map of Startup Paradise to help educate, inform, and inspire our ecosystem. From how the money flows to who’s involved with which startups to which organizations are supporting the ecosystem (and everything else), let’s make this inclusive and informative, not divisive. This is a pretty neat technology from a startup with Hawaii-based founders, 


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