Mbloom Plot Thickens: Flikdate Being Acquired

Beyond the post written earlier, pointing out the fact that mbloom’s first two investments were in startups run by mbloom’s founders and managing partners, additional information has surfaced related to the investment in Flickdate. An SEC filing from May 12, 2014, shows that Flikdate is in the process of being acquired by a company named Crossbox, Inc.

Mbloom’s directors and Flikdate executives, Nick Bicanic and Arben Kryeziu, will become directors of the newly merged company, to be named Flikdate. From Section 4.7 of the SEC filing:
“As at the Effective Time, all of the members of the board of directors of Crossbox shall resign and four (4) individuals designated by the Company (the “Company Designees”) and one (1) individual designated by Crossbox (the “Crossbox Designee”) shall become a member of the board of directors of each of Crossbox and the Company (each the “Board of Directors”).  The members of the Board of Directors shall serve until the next annual meeting of stockholders of Crossbox and their replacements, if any, are duly qualified and take office.  The four initial Company Designees shall be Arben Kryeziu, Nick Nicanic and two other individuals designated by the Company.  The Crossbox Designee shall be acceptable to Arben Kryeziu.”

Crossbox, which trades publicly over the counter under CBXX at $1.50, shows revenue of zero over the past several years, and expenses of $199,000 in the most recent quarter.