Kumu Emerges From Beta


Kumu, the Honolulu-based startup focused on network mapping, recently announced their emergence from beta and the launch of their completely rebuilt cloud-based visualization platform, now available at kumu.io.

They’re a startup to watch closely, and one of the very few Hawaii-connected startups who are building a great product while generating legitimate traction.

Speaking of traction, Kumu continues to gain prominent, highly-visible usage across the globe while also expanding their use case footprint. We previously mentioned that Forbes used their app to map Africa’s richest people, and now the Canadian Broadcasting Company has used Kumu to shed light on the “intricate web” of communications between Canadian politicians.

For the public launch, Kumu has also adjusted their pricing structure to eliminate what they referred to as the “collaboration tax of per user pricing.” Their new model, with paid plans beginning at $29 per month, allows all projects to have unlimited members. Public projects are still free and, according to Kumu, “always will be.”

Watch this video for more information on how Kumu can help you visually map networks. And, follow them on AngelList.