VC Summit’s Keynote Adds a Dash of Google


The 2013 Hawaii Annual VC Summit is coming up fast (get your tickets here), so over the next few weeks, we’re taking a detailed look at each agenda item the summit has to offer. As we mentioned, this event is expected to attract hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and investors, so if you fall into one of those categories–or want to–you should definitely attend.

dondodgeToday, we’re taking a look at the keynote speaker, Don Dodge.

Dodge serves as an advisor to Google Ventures and is the Developer Advocate at Google, which means that he helps developers build new applications on Google platforms and technologies.

As the keynote speaker at the VC Summit, Dodge will be discussing the latest trends in the VC industry, as well as sharing his deep, relevant experience–valuable to any entrepreneur, tech or otherwise–which comes from having previously served as startup evangelist at Microsoft and as an on-the-ground veteran of five start-ups, including AltaVistaNapster, and Groove Networks.

“Hawaii’s startup ecosystem is a great example of a community pooling their resources to build a strong environment for entrepreneurial companies to grow and flourish,” Dodge said in a statement. “I’m excited to speak at the Startup Paradise VC Summit in December and look forward to a discussion that I hope will help to catalyze continued entrepreneurial activity.”

Coincidentally, Dodge recently addressed the pros and cons of accelerators on Root Access, a short video program created by the Google Developers team. Given Hawaii’s recent push into the accelerator realm, his comments are very insightful and relevant to both Hawaii’s entrepreneurs and our local accelerator management.

For more insight into Dodge’s thinking, check out his blog, The Next Big Thing.


Note: Our featured image for this post is from Doodle 4 Google, an annual program where schoolkids can use their artistic talents to recreate Google’s logo. The image we selected is from Carlos R., who was the Hawaii state finalist this year in the 6th and 7th grade grouping. His doodle is entitled, “My Best Day Ever.” 🙂



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