VC Summit’s Crowdfunding Expert


The upcoming VC Summit includes tons of great content for startups, entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors, including several sessions on the hot topic of crowdfunding. Jonathan Sandlund, a noted crowdfunding expert, will be on hand at the VC Summit to lead most of the related sessions.

He recently posted more details about his upcoming visit to Hawaii on his blog, The Crowd Cafe.

I’m thrilled to present a comprehensive workshop on investment-based crowdfunding at the 2013 Hawaii Venture Capital Summit. We’ll take a deep dive into the global crowdinvesting industry. The workshop will cover international markets where securities-based crowdfunding is legal, and thriving, today, and which offer valuable learnings and insights. We’ll then zoom in on the U.S. market to delineate what is actionable today (Title II of the JOBS Act / “Accredited Crowdfunding”), as well as the unfolding changes that lie ahead (Title III of the JOBS Act & the intrastate movement).

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