Todoist: The Ultimate Productivity Manager



Nothing about an entrepreneur’s day is routine, and that could make keeping track of daily tasks near impossible.  But do not fret, Todoist is here!

With Todoist, you can schedule and manage all of your tasks in an instant, online or offline, from your desktop, browser, smartphone, tablets -wherever!

Features include:

  • Organizing subtasks by tasks, tasks by projects;
  • Displaying tasks for the next week;
  • Keeping track of completed and overdue tasks;
  • Prioritizing tasks;
  • and so much more!

The most endearing feature of Todoist is its intuitive interface.  Adding a task is as easy as clicking the “Add task” button, entering a task name, selecting a due date from a dropdown miniature calendar, and clicking the “Add task” button once more.  Click and drag tasks from one project to another, and display/hide the subtasks of a task by clicking on a dropdown arrow.  You’ll be learning and utilizing all its features in no time!

Achieve unprecedented levels of productiveness with Todoist!