Honolulu Not Ranked In “Top 50 Cities to Work In”


Glassdoor, a jobs and career social networking site, today published the results of their “Top 50 Cities to Work In” social media research study, and Honolulu was notably absent.

San Jose, San Francisco, and Seattle took the top three spots, while cities like Norfolk, Rochester, Sacramento, Tucson, and Minneapolis all ranked in the top 20.

The study looked at social media comments about particular cities–weather, neighborhood noise, restaurants–and matched it with Glassdoor’s deep database of employer reviews, salary statistics, and job postings.

Cities were ranked on compensation and benefits, senior management satisfaction, business outlook for the next six months, and number of employees hiring. At least 500 reviews over the past year were required for a city to be included in the results.

How can our startup ecosystem improve Honolulu’s ranking as a city with high job satisfaction? Or, doesn’t it matter?

2 thoughts on “Honolulu Not Ranked In “Top 50 Cities to Work In”

  1. it is simple. there is a lack of job opportunities and the rate of pay is so low compared to the rest of the country. the standard of living is so high that it is very difficult to maintain a lifestyle that most people want to live that is above the poverty level.

    1. Thanks for the relevant comment, “Jeeves,” but how about leaving your real name next time?

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