New Hardware-focused Incubator


With all of the rapid prototyping tools popping up and getting cheaper, and the success of hardware-based Kickstarter projects like Pebble and Leap Motion, it’s funny that it’s taken so long for a hardware incubator to pop up. But, for those of you with physical product ideas, there’s now Highway 1.

Located in San Francisco, Highway 1 helps hardware startups launch by offering the typical incubator $20,000 for 3-6% equity plus mentors, but goes further by offering machine shop space, supply chain education, and connections (and trips) to China’s manufacturing industry.

Program graduates are then primed to enter PCH Accelerator, which pushes startups to the next stage through connections with fulfillment and distribution partners as the idea moves from prototype to a refined product.

Both Highway 1 and PCH Accelerator were started by PCH International, a $400+ million global services company that offers consumer product development and supply chain expertise along with “a unique understanding of China.”

If you have a product idea, there’s still time to enter Highway 1’s upcoming Fall 2013 incubation term. The 42-question application is due in just 27 days