Pupus and Pitches 3 Recap (Updated)



Pupus & Pitches – a casual meeting of a few investors and excitable entrepreneurs held at the Waikiki Yacht Club.  This round there were just three pitches, and although it was a lean crowd (Update: the organizers say that the event was “sold out”) the scale of the pitches and participating investors made it an interesting event.  As always, the food was phenomenal.

A quick word about Peter Kay, the facilitator – I thought he did an okay job at introductions but some of his comments were awkward and a little condescending.  He could have been kinder to Dare Share, an entertainment app team that demo’d their technology before the main event.

Also appearing as appetizers to the main event was the program Camp Bizgym, a K-12 camp that focuses on helping kids make video pitches for kickstarter funding; and a short shoutout from Blue Startups about their fast approaching application deadline (end of July).


The venture capitalists present at the main event represented Epic Ventures and Wedbush Capital Partners (Update: Wedbush is a “private equity firm,” not a VC).  Epic Ventures, based out of Utah, does seed and early stage funding in the $250K – $3mil range.  Wedbush Capital Partners is based in LA and aims for $2-$10mil initial equity investments.


Ala Wai Pharma – Novel Flu Vaccine Delivery System
Led by Barry Weinman, the Ala Wai team is looking for 300k of initial seed capital to launch a unique oral flu vaccine delivery system which claims a 20 fold efficacy increase over the closest market competitor.  The presentation was a little dry but very straightforward and understandable.

Kai Medical – Sleep Apnea solution
This was an odd presentation, there were a lot of reserved statements and withheld information.  The technology seems cool but when you are asking for $10 million in funding on top of a previous round valuation of $38 million, with no current sales info given, its difficult to believe in the product.

Tow Choice – Tow Truck Marketplace app
There’s not much to say about this company that hasn’t been said already – they’ve been through Startup Paradise accelerator program and pitched at a few previous events.  They seem to meet a potential client at every pitch they do, this time it was the brother of one of the participating capitalists.

Pupus & Pitches round 3 was sponsored by HiBeam, HTDC, and Central Pacific Bank


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    1. Thanks John! By the way, we were alerted that Kai was valued at $38M during their last round. That number was not the amount of funding they received.

  1. Hey AlohaStartups, thx for the love. Camp BizGym kicks of at the end of this month to create kickstarter videos for the kids’ projects. Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawaii is also helping out on this project so stay tuned! 🙂

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