Startup Weekend’s NEXT Comes to Hawaii


Beginning next week, on July 8th, Blue Startups is bringing the Startup Weekend NEXT program to Honolulu.

The five-week, $250 course, which meets every Monday, is described as “a workshop-style classroom structure with independent assignments.” Their website explains that the program consists of a weekly video lecture from Steve Blank, plus supplemental reading assignments. Additionally, participants will meet for three-hour workshops each week, during which participants will present “customer discovery insights” and receive feedback from the local instructors, mentors, and other attendees.

“With Blue Startups we choose the founders to invest in, while NEXT is a chance for founders to invest in themselves and their dreams,” explained Rechung Fujihira, Blue Startups’ director of strategic partnerships. “The NEXT program curriculum was developed by Startup Weekend in conjunction with Steve Blank and it is being held all over the world.”

“We drill-in using Blank’s Customer¬†Discovery¬†methodology and draw upon Blue Startups’ lead mentor network to facilitate the class, which is being led by Chenoa Farnsworth of Blue Startups,” Fujihira continued. “Also instructing are Steve Markowitz and Dan Freedman, both of whom have had exits and are now angel investors, so are current with the needs of today’s startup founders.”

Registration details for NEXT are here.