Startup Paradise Demo Day Recap


May 31st 2013

It was another beautiful day in Hawaii as 20+ entrepreneurial organizations gathered at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center for Startup Paradise Demo Day.  The event was put on by Blue Startups and Energy Excelerator to showcase 12 startups on their path to making a difference and a profit.  The hall was packed with investors, future entrepreneurs, and an eclectic mix of Hawaii’s movers and shakers who gathered to witness the progress made by the teams of newly minted high tech companies.  The whole event was live streamed for an internet audience and remained surprisingly free of technical difficulties.  The presentations covered a diverse range of business models – online shopping, bulk supply middlemen, advertising subsidized infrastructure, and crowdsourced product development were just some of the diverse opportunities shown during Demo Day.



Sullivan Conference Center, located at University of Hawaii Cancer Center near Kakaako

All the groups involved were very professional and gave high quality pitches.  At this particular event, no questions were asked of the groups since this was mostly a demonstration of their progress.  In a frosty display of local business marketing, Ono Pops were handed out during the intermission.

Presentations at Demo Day:

Flo Water – Infrastructure business model aimed at obsolescing bottled water by providing cold water refill stations in convenient locations

Minded – A webstore that uses profiling software to help users purchase matched gifts for their loved ones

Pharmly – Drug bidding software that will take the place of drug supplier middlemen

Surroundsme – Marketing software platform that uses crowdsourcing to intelligently promote a business

Tealet – An online tea auctionhouse/marketplace for high end teas

Tow Choice – A mobile app that handles calls for tow truck services and replaces costly dispatch centers

Volta – Provider of free charging for electric vehicles which are subsidized by advertising associated with the charging infrastructure

Wicked Loot – Aims to create a crowdsourced marketplace for user generated content in the genre of mobile gaming

Conscious Commuter – Infrastructure and solar-based charging for rentable electric bikes

Acclimate – Revolutionizing solar energy by producing energy from excess heat within the panels

Skygrid (Gen-X Energy) – Creating microgrid infrastructure for independent energy generation

IBIS Networks – Saving energy by tracking energy use at the socket through intelisocket technology




A great time was had by those presenting and listening to the presentations, finishing with an optimistic speech by Henk Rogers (famous for popularizing the game Tetris) about Hawaii’s place in the world of high tech industry.  We hope to see you at the next startup event, aloha!