Developing for Evernote? There’s an Accelerator for That!


Evernote, the note-taking platform with 34 million users that’s also¬†integrated with Moleskine notebooks and is prepping for an IPO, today announced their own accelerator for developers working on Evernote-based apps.

As developers build atop established platforms (see, Skype, Twitter, Facebook/Zynga, iOS, Android, etc.), there’s a huge time savings and a built-in target audience, among other benefits, that gives this route it’s attractiveness. With Evernote’s platform, devs gain access to a proven, expanding foundation, and, most importantly, 34 million users. It’s a great idea for Evernote, just as it continues to work for Apple’s iOS and’s AppExchange.

hero_evernoteFrom their announcement, Evernote mentions that their one-month-long program will accept six teams and be co-located with Evernote’s in-house devs (which is HUGE benefit).

While the Evernote accelerator provides no cash, teams need not give up any equity. We all know that it takes more than just cash to make an accelerator (and a startup) work, so Evernote has created what they call an “intensive curriculum” along with workshops with Evernote engineers, designers, and business execs, talks with experienced and notable technology leaders, and their version of a demo day, which their referring to as a “public closing gala where the new businesses are rolled out to the world.”

Read all of the details here.