Upcoming Event Joins Coding and Artistry

Every developer I’ve ever known has, at some level, considered their work “art.” There is a certain creativity required to create efficient, effective code.

Code as ARtAs an engineer, I respect the creativity that other engineers put into their designs at the component or structural levels – especially when such elements are never seen by the end users. Coders, by the nature of software, express their creativity in ways that pretty much no one will ever see, other than in the actual usage of their product or feature. Their art, for the most part, is forever unseen.

Frustrating, I bet.

Coders, therefore, take their creativity and artistry very seriously, which has led a group of Honolulu-based developers to start a series of events called “Out of Office.”

“The simple goal of Out of Office is to take programmers out of their normal environments,” said Kyle Oba, Coder at Pas de Chocolat. “Once out of their normal places of working, we hope to change their perspective on work.”

What, Where, When

The next event for Out of Office is coming up on April 14th, with a “preview” event happening this coming Monday, March 25, at 6:00 pm at R/D (event details here).

At the March 25th preview event, Maoya Bassiouni, a local artist, will talk about programming as an amazing tool in the artistic processes.  As a preview to the workshop she’ll be running at the April 14th main event, Bassiouni will present the concepts behind her work and demo some of their production methods.  Following Bassiouni’s presentation will be a short, simple introduction to Processing, a software tool for creative coders, that will be used during the Main event to create visualizations.

The main Out of Office event, also featuring Bassiouni, will take place at the Spalding House, which is, coincidentally, currently showing an exhibition exploring the intersection of art and mathematics, Finding X.

Out of Office is tailoring the schedule of the main event to fit into the museum environment, and the workshops will take place in a classroom provided by the museum, seating limited. This main event takes place on Sunday, 4/14, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Museum of Art’s Spalding House in Makiki Heights. Seating for this event is limited.

If you’re interested in attending either or both events, please contact Kyle Oba directly at koba@pasdechocolat.com or visit the Facebook Event page.