Week In Review

1. Marc Andreessen on the Age of Context (er, the future of the tech industry)

At Rackspace http://www.rackspace.com we care deeply about where startups and the future is going, especially since so many of the technologies we use will require new kinds of cloud computing technologies.

For instance, how are sensors, wearable computers, big data, social data, and location data changing Silicon Valley business? We keep hearing big changes are ahead so we went and visited Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape to talk about the future of the tech industry. He’s on the boards of HP, Facebook, and many others and is largely seen as one of the best investors on Sand Hill Road now. http://a16z.com is where you learn more about his VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz http://a16z.com

Some things we learned: “we are going to have a virtual overlay on the real world.”


2. Edward Lazear: How to Fix the US Economy

Edward Lazear gives his advice for how to get the federal budget under control and the US economy back on track. Lazear is the Jack Steele Parker professor of Human Resources Management and Economics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He served at the White House as Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers from 2006 to 2009.


3. – Startups – Dont Charlton Founder and CEO The Resumator – TWiST #330

On this episode of TWiST @jason sits down with The Resumator’s founder, Don Charlton. Don called in to one of the very first episode’s of TWiST for advice and has come full circle as a guest on the show. Learn what it’s like building a starting up in Pittsburgh, Don’s plans for the future of The Resumator, and how Don and The Resumator have overcame their most difficult challenges.


4. Blackjet Launches, EA and Zynga Settle, Everyone Harlem Shakes | Crunchweek

Elon Musk very publicly going to bat for his electric car company Tesla after the New York Times published a less than flattering (and perhaps less than truthful) review of the Model S, the big San Francisco launch of Blackjet, the company that aims to be the Uber for private jet travel, Zynga’s surprise settlement with its gaming nemesis Electronic Arts, and TechCrunch’s help in nailing the coffin shut on the Harlem Shake meme.


5. Mixpanel: The Most Advanced Analytics for Web and Mobile

The most solid way to understand your users is to understand the data that they can provide on both the web and mobile apps. By being able to measure visitor interaction and engagement, companies can learn what its visitors are doing and what keeps them on their page or app. While tracking how many people have visited your site is one metric, tracking how often or how much the page is revisited or used is even more useful. Suhail Doshi, Co-Founder of Mixpanel, explains hows Mixpanel can empower a content creator with tools to understand their user base by measuring specific metrics and improving upon it both on desktop and mobile platforms.