Week In Review


Web Design: How to Sell Web Design Like a Pro

Want to know how to get your customers to pay more than $4k for a website and buy into the value of what you can do? Watch this episode of ThisWeekIn Web Design with special guests Tatjana Luethi and Aure Gimon, a graphic designer and a creative director respectively.


A New Way to Manage Contacts/CRM: Ecquire

Managing contacts or customers is usually a real pain in the ass. Ecquire makes it easy. Here CEO Paul DeJoe shows off how it saves businesspeople time: http://www.ecquire.com/


Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Venture Capital

Gary Morganthaler talks about iterating your product and market strategy.

Gary Morganthaler is a partner at Morganthaler Ventures where he focuses on information technology and artificial intelligence. He’s a past director at Siri which was acquired by Apple and the director at Bluearc which was acquired by Hitachi. Gary started out his career as an entrepreneur and a self-taught programmer. He then cofounded and led Ilustrian information technologies an English corporations.


Ask A VC: Anamitra Banerji

For this week’s Ask A VC episode, we sat down with Foundation Capital’s newest partner Anamitra Banerji, who was just promoted from entrepreneur in residence to investment partner at the firm. We chatted about Banerji’s decision to become a VC vs. founding a startup, and how being an entrepreneur in residence helped him come to that decision.


Pebble Smartwatch Review | Engadget

So, what is Pebble? It’s not a smartphone for your wrist, as we’ve seen attempted before. In fact, it’s far less sophisticated than you might expect — the lightweight device reads out basic text, lets you skip through music tracks and, of course, displays the time. It’s hardly the greatest achievement of our generation, or even the device of the year. It’s become incredibly popular, sure, but despite the hype, you certainly don’t need to own one. Yet, somehow, even the most technologically inept people in our lives have heard it mentioned on morning talk shows, FM radio stations or from pre-teens anxious to impress their friends. Having a smartphone alone isn’t enough anymore. Or is it?