Tealet Continues to Gain Momentum, Recognition


Tealet, the brainchild of UH Shidler MBA and former Peace Corps volunteer Elyse Peterson, continues to gain momentum and build awareness since their inclusion as one of Dave McClure’s 500 Startups. This past week, as 500 Startups conducted their latest demo day, Tealet was mentioned in VentureBeat, TechCrunch, and GigaOM, which are, if you’re at all familiar with the Silicon Valley tech scene, pretty much the trifecta of media outlets.

venturebeat 500 startups
Image by Venturebeat

Of particular note was Venturebeat’s feature on The 5 most memorable companies from 500 Startups Demo Day, of which Tealet was included! Spurred by the way “Petersen took the stage in a pink wig and a tutu, dancing all the way,” Venturebeat also included a photo, right.

As one of their “5 most memorable companies,” Venturebeat wrote:

“I am a sucker for a tutu. Also for tea. Thus a former Peace Corps volunteer presenting about tea in a tutu grabbed my attention, to say the least.  Tealet is a marketplace that connects tea drinkers with tea growers. Founder Elyse Petersen traveled the world as a global tea ambassador, meeting with local tea growers and helping connect them with consumers. The current business models are not fair for the farmers, and Tealet addresses this by cutting out the middlemen. Consumers can buy individual teas (and read the stories behind them) or go in for a subscription.”

This is amazing, insane, incredible experience and exposure for Peterson and her team. Kudos to her for keeping her uniqueness and staying true to her passion.

Hawaii’s entrepreneurs, and our entire startup ecosystem, are lucky to have a connection to this great rising star!