Conference to Focus on Startups “Everywhere Else”

The Everywhere Else Conference will take place in Memphis, TN, next week from February 10-12.  Over 1,000 entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and startup supporters will share information, best practices, experiences, tips, and resources with each other.

“Everywhere Else” is a term that was coined by the voice of startups “everywhere else”, along with hundreds of other startups and entrepreneurs who are geographically located outside of Silicon Valley. They encourage growth in startups across the entire country, however they’ve found that for startups that are located outside Silicon Valley and to a similar extent, New York City, it is much more challenging to develop, grow and begin gaining traction. It’s also a lot harder to raise capital and, in some areas, find talent.

Hawaii has all of those challenges, so this event should prove to be extremely interesting to our local ecosystem.

This two and a half day conference will feature a wide variety of important topics including; raising funds and crowd funding, legal crash course for startups, and tons more.  Startup America CEO, Scott Case will keynote on Monday, February 11.

Very short notice, but you can find more information here.