Hawaii Startups Are You Looking For A CoFounder?


Recently the ecosystem has been abuzz with applicants preparing to apply to the newly formed Hawaii accelerators. One of the most prevalent and common denominators is finding a Technical Cofounder. Aloha Startups is here to help;we have gathered a short list of useful sites to help you find a Cofounder.





At the end of the day if you can’t find someone local bring them in; who wouldn’t want to live in Hawaii.

(Image Source: http://www.theurbangrocer.com/)

One thought on “Hawaii Startups Are You Looking For A CoFounder?

  1. I am a co-founder of EquityLancer, which is an equity marketplace made for equitylancers, those seek an equity component in employment, investment, products or services. Equitylancers are seeking co-founder opportunities so please include EquityLancer in the list of useful sites to find a Cofounder. Thank you.

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