Week in Review


1) РStartups : Jason Goldberg of FAB-TWiST #313

On this episode of TWiST Jason sits down with fab.com founder Jason Goldberg. They discuss what caused the pivot from social to e-commerce, the importance of design, and why Jason is kicking himself for passing on the opportunity to invest. Jason Calacanis on this show: “Listen to this episode twice, it was one of the best we’ve ever done!”


2) John Stanfield of Local Motion

John Stanfield discusses the history of his company “Local Motion” and describes the future of automobile ownership internationally.


3) In the Studio With Josh Felser – Starting out as an Angel Investor

Semil Shah interviews co-founder and partner of Freestyle, Josh Felser. They discuss Fleser’s transition from being an entrepreneur to an investor. Also, how he and his partner run their new investment firm.


4) In the Studio With George Zachary – Bubbles on the Eve of Facebook’s IPO

Semil Shah interviews Partner at Charles River Ventures, George Zachary. They discussed the formation, bursting and consequences of bubbles formed.