Week in Review


1) – Startups : Walker Corporate Law Startup of the Week #15 – Tal Ziv

On this episode of Walker Corporate Law’s’ Startup of the week, Jason talks with SilverLiving co-founder Tal Ziv. Tal fills Jason on the current state of assisted living facilities, how they are acting as a consumer activist, and their plans to expand their business from New York to California.


2) Basis To Blow Away Nike FuelBand and FitBit?

A look at the new Basis wearable computer (looks like a watch) with four major sensors in it.


3) – Web Design : How to ask your client the right questions?

In this episode we answer:
How to ask your client the right questions?

1. What questions should I ask when I first meet?

2. How do I dig deeper to find out what they “really need”

3. How do I put this all in a proposal?

Special guests in this episode include Tatjana Luethi, UX Designer and ThinkLogic.


4) When Should You Go All-In On Your Startup?

How do you know when to quick your safe job and go all-in on your startup? Sailthru founder Neil Capel says the answer is as soon as you can.


5) TC Cribs Drops By The Dropbox Office

Jason Kincaid takes you on a tour of Dropbox, a Web-based file hosting service. Their office in San Francisco is a little bit rock and roll and a whole lot of stylish.