Week In Review


1) Kred Story Launches, New Way to See Your Social Media Influence and History

You’ve probably heard of Klout, but here’s the latest from Kred, which they claim better reflects real-world influence in its “Kred Story” feature, launched today. Jodee Rich, founder, gives me the latest. Check out your Kred Story at http://kred.com

2) What is Hadoop? Other Big Data Terms Like MapReduce? Cloudera’s CEO Talks Us Through Big Data Trends

3) Marijuana Vending Machine Maker’s Stock Skyrockets

Based on this month’s election, the idea legalizing marijuana seems more popular than ever. Two states, Washington and Colorado, have legalized pot at the state level. With the legal marijuana market looking stronger than ever, there are companies looking to build around big-marijuana when commodity reaches critical mass.

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4) Eight Reasons Startup Incubators are Better Than Business School

Let’s get this straight: If you want to work at Goldman Sachs, McKinsey or General Electric, an MBA is a handy scrap of paper.

But if you’d prefer to bypass the corporate ladder and actually build something of your own, spending upwards of $140,000 and two years without pay is just about the worst way to go about it. Because looming outside those classroom walls is a creature far less merciful than any b-school professor: the market. Customers, you may be surprised to find, don’t give a damn about your degree—and the market will fire you faster than any ungrateful boss.

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5) Airport Car Rentals: The Next $10 Billion Industry Ready for Disruption

If you travelled by air for the wonderful holiday weekend, you might have been faced with the hell that is the typical airport car rental experience. There are the lines, the hassles, the constant upsells, confusion around cost of gas and insurance, and about 15 pages of paper that you have to sign before being able to pick out your car and leave the lot. Frequent travelers and members of rewards programs aren’t treated that differently. They have a shorter line and can generally have a better choice of available cars from the lot, but the experience isn’t fundamentally better.

Airport car rentals are a big business — more than $10 billion a year, by some estimates — but the experience is pretty bad all around. Which means it’s time for disruption! Time for the incumbent car rental agencies to get some competition from nimbler startups with new ideas, processes, and ways of doing things better! Thankfully, there are a few promising young companies working on this problem, and they could be coming soon to an airport near you.

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