Startup Weekend, Nov 16-18, Only $50!


Startup Weekend is testing out a new vertical that focuses on creating the most effective experiential education model for college students. It’s called Startup Weekend University and University of Hawaii is running their first one next weekend, November 16-18.

U of Hawaii Startup Weekend UniversityThe typical Startup Weekend participant is 30-35 years old with around 10 years of work experience. Startup Weekend University is adapted for the student, with a little more curriculum throughout the weekend to ensure a quality experience for someone with no professional background. The focus is still to learn by doing.

Startup Weekend University events are open to the entire community, but the focus is on students. A 70:30 ratio of student-to-professional participant is expected

Even better, UH’s Startup Weekend University is only $50 for the entire weekend, versus $99 for the typical Startup Weekend Honolulu. That’s half the price, and especially appealing if you’ve been wanting to check one out but thought that the price was too steep.

To learn more, visit UH’s Startup Weekend University website, or jump straight to the registration page.