State Releases “Electioneering” App to Help Citizens Stay Legal

The State of Hawaii’s Office of Elections wants to remind everyone that it’s illegal to “sign-wave” or conduct other campaign activities within 200 feet of a polling place on Election Day. According to the site:  Pursuant to HRS Section 11-132, that boundary is an area of two hundred feet from the perimeter of the polling place and its appurtenances.

But how can the typical Joan Q. Public be sure that either they are waving their signs from the proper distance or that their preferred candidate’s peeps aren’t breaking the law?

Easy, with the State’s just-released Electioneering smartphone and tablet apps that show the appropriate boundary for each polling place.

For more information, check out their overview here. You’ll find links to map-centric web apps (meaning you just access them from your device’s browser) for each island. With your Electioneering map in-hand, you’ll be able to whip out your smartphone and show any law-breaking sign-wavers exactly where they stand – physically, not ideologically. If only there were an app for that… 😉

(Further kudos to the State’s Office of Information Management & Technology for having a mobile version of their website!)

(And what ‘s an “appurtenance?”)