Local Startup Accelerator Now Accepting Applications


XLR8HI, a new startup accelerator based in Hawaii, today announced that they are now accepting applications for their Winter/Spring 2013 term.

XLR8HI Startup Accelerator HawaiiOne of a new crop of startup accelerators spurred by Hawaii’s increasingly innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem, XLR8HI is taking a different approach from the many startup accelerators that focus solely on the digital sector. On the contrary, XLR8HI explains on their website that they believe that many high-growth opportunities exist in Hawaii specifically in science and tourism, with science including clean tech, energy, biotech, and healthcare.

In a blog post, XLR8HI defined their position as “Hawaii’s first proof-of-concept venture accelerator and the only Hawaii-based accelerator taking advantage of our region’s unique environmental resources and industry landscape to accelerate local innovation. By focusing on these industries in Hawaii, we are able to leverage the dense, existing resources and dominant expertise located locally, and our team can accelerate introductions and facilitate the inclusion of that expertise with our startups.”

In addition to guidance, expert mentors, industry partners, and other perks, XLR8HI states that their pre-seed “investments range from $10,000 to $100,000, with an average of $50,000.”

While their application process has just opened, they are also planning an “information night” on November 1.  Their online application period ends on December 1, potential finalists will complete detailed applications, pitches, and interviews by December 28, and finalists will be announced on January 2.

Visit XLR8HI.com for more information.

(Disclosure:  I’m on the XLR8HI management team.)