Coded With Aloha Program Highlights Local Code

A new program developed by Hawaii’s High Technology Development Corporation and their WetWare Wednesday group aims to highlight and bring attention to all of the great code being written in Hawaii.

Named “Coded with Aloha,” the program is designed for anyone operating a website, creating software, developing apps, or writing any type of machine code from within the state. The program was inspired by New York’s “Made in NYC” program, which lists a “collection of internet companies made with love in NYC.” They currently have almost 400 companies listed!

Here’s how HTDC describes the program:

The concept is simple. If you have a web startup, or are creating software in Hawaii, somewhere on your homepage you put the words Coded with Aloha. Or Made in Hawaii. Crafted on the islands. Whatever you want ─ just have it link back to the Coded with Aloha main page where we will have a simple listing of all the sites in the same boat as you. This costs you nothing, and has the ability to drive traffic to your site.

To learn more and register your code, visit the “Coded with Aloha” page on TechHui.

Now, if we could only get someone to add the “Coded with Aloha” tag to…  😉