Who Knew Programming Could Be Both Sick *and* Insane?

Everyone loves Wetware Wednesday, but rarely do these monthly gatherings get into the realm of either “sick” or “insane.”

Well, this Wednesday, August 22, the HTDC crew is handing the mic over to the Organization for the Understanding of Dynamic Languages as they present “Sick/Insane Things Languages Can Do.”

The OUDL team of Kyle Oba, Tim Newsham, Shu Chen, Kevin McCarthy, and Chris Sass will be presenting short, 3-5 minute, rapid-fire bites of examples of sick and insane things developers can do with programming languages. Presumably, they mean things like this or this, but you never know, especially with an organization as shrouded in secrecy and intrigue as OUDL.

Should be fun, um, I mean, SICK!