Diary of a Trep – @Startupamerica


One day last year Jason  suggested we become part of the Startup America Partnership. All of us on the email replied we were too busy and we were going to pass on it. Life moved on and a month later I received an another email from Jason saying that we were a part of Startup America and he needed help for a launch party… Okay, so we’re Startup Hawaii. Cool.

Since then I’ve been engaged with the Startup America Partnership, which is basically an advocacy group for Treps. Right up my alley, and it fits perfectly in line with the mission of The Box Jelly which I view as a social business for and by young entrepreneurs. It’s been fun working with Startup Hawaii and the team.

Thus far my favorite parts have been talking with Enrique from 500 Startups with a group of designers (great fly on the wall session), doing the LUXr lean user experience workshop and The Boulder Trip. Going to Boulder changed my view of everything. If you saw the movie Malcolm X, he had a totally different view on life after visiting Mecca. It was kind of like that but less spiritual and more interested in high-growth startups. Getting to talk to guys like Brad Feld and Rob Reich really opened my eyes to the possibilities for Hawaii. Hearing the story of how Boulder “grew up” was inspiring. You may or may not know it but we’re doing it here. NOW! Meeting treps of all ages and backgrounds from around the world and sharing stories were simply amazing. Not to mention the awesome food at Elon Musk’s brother restaurant and some killer cocktails down the road.

These have been great experiences gained from volunteering in a cause I believe in. Who would have known? 😉