Google Drive vs. Dropbox


On April 24th, 2012, Google released Google Drive, a file storage & sync service that replaced its predecessor, Google Docs.  It offers 5 GB of free storage space (additional space of up to 16TB may be purchased through a monthly payment plan), is supported by a variety of clients, and currently supports 15 file types.


Now I’m no tech expert, but isn’t that what Dropbox has been all about since 2008?

Dropbox, Inc. is a Y Combinator startup company founded in 2007 that created Dropbox, a file hosting service that offers services similar to those of Google Drive.


Here is a table comparing the two:

Google Drive


Free storage space

5 GB

2GB (+ 500 MB per referral, up to 18GB,)

Pricing for additional space

$2.49/month for 25 GB, $4.99/month for 100 GB, up to 16 TB at approximately 5 cents per month   per GB

$9.99/month or $99.00/year for Pro 100 (100GB +1 GB per referral), $19.99/month or $199.00/year for Pro 200 (200GB +1 GB per referral), 500 GB no details, and Teams (1 TB), no details

Supported clients

PC, Mac, Android smartphone & tablet, iPhone, iPad

Linux, PC, Mac, Android smartphone & tablet, iPhone, iPad


April 2012

September 2008

Supported formats

15 formats (e.g. .DOC, .PDF, .ZIP)




Being an advocate of entrepreneurship, I could potentially assert that it is this sort of act by large corporations that discourages the growth and expansion of entrepreneurship, and by extension startup businesses.  However, as the majority of consumers concern themselves not with the provider of service but with the quality of service, I ask you, which is your favorite?

Check out Bijan Sabet’s blog and Fred Wilson’s blog to find out their favorites!


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Note: As of July 10, 2012, Dropbox doubled the holding capacity of their paid accounts.

Note: This post was being developed even before Sabet and Wilson had published their blog entries.  What can I say, great minds think alike?