Diary of a Trep – Electricity in the Air


There has been electricity in the air the past few days that has been building for months like a charge of static electricity. Recently the Venture Accelerator Bill LAVA passed. I’ve had a few comments from people along the process about me being the youngest person in the room and the general lack of young people getting involved.

This was my first time being involved with the passing of any bill into law. It was an interesting process to watch. I got involved because of a random email I received one day asking for people to come down and give “testimonies” on the venture accelerator bill. I thought it was a good idea and was curious so I decided to go down to the capitol the next day. There were maybe half a dozen people who gave testimonies before I got to the microphone. I think I said a few words about who I am, and then went into the fact that as a young trep, an accelerator was what I wanted and need in order to make it to the next level.

They noted my words and my name. Simple.

When I decided to get involved I just thought it was a good thing for the community. I had no idea that I would be building an accelerator a few months later. I guess the universe works in strange ways. Getting involved wasn’t hard to do and the older generations really seemed to enjoy seeing a fresh face and listening to our view of the world.

I feel that our generation doesn’t wait for anyone and knows we can and will GSD. That said, a little help and luck always helps. 😉