Honolulu Publisher Dishes Up New Interactive iPad Magazine


Vía Vargas Media, a digital media publisher with offices in Honolulu, recently released The Latin Dish, a free iPad app that gives users a multimedia look at Latin American food and culture.

A photo from the inagural issue of The Latin Dish's iPad magazine. (Source: thelatindish.com)

The Latin Dish is full of personal stories, history, authentic recipes, vivid photography, exclusive interviews, videos, gardening tips, restaurant reviews, and more. Organized like a magazine, the app’s engaging features offer users the chance to learn and be entertained.

The launch issue of the app brings stories including A Taste of Austin, restaurant and food truck reviews; Papi’s Kitchen, an interview with Fernando Saralegui, Cuban‐American chef and restaurateur; lessons from The Edible Mexican Garden; exploration of the work of Mexican photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo; and regular features VinArte, Latin American Essentials with recipes, and more. New issues will be released every other month.

“This app is the product of a love for Latin American food and culture, and offers people an exciting medium through which they can explore their passion,” said Joe V. Bock, founder of Vía Vargas Media, publisher of the app, and Honolulu resident. “Through The Latin Dish we are bringing to the table exclusive and wonderfully colorful content on a cuisine that has changed tremendously over time and enjoys a rich, and delicious, history.”

Through feature stories, recipes, and other digital media it investigates the origins of today’s Latin American cuisine, the intricate history of pre‐Hispanic Latin American peoples, and the influences that have developed the current cultures of Central America and South America. The app also highlights Latin American artists and wines, and in a new approach, explores connections between the two.

Lovers of Latin American food and culture who do not have an iPad can find highlights and excerpts of The Latin Dish content online at TheLatinDish.com, on Facebook, or via Twitter @TheLatinDish.

Hawaii’s Expanding App Scene

Via Vargas is the latest in a growing industry of local app developers and publishers trying to stake their claim to the screens of some of the hundreds of millions of smartphones and tablets on the globe. Several years after Apple pioneered the app store concept, it remains a hot industry, with 674,186 iOS apps in their store as of late June. Android’s marketplace, Google Play, also just hit 600,000 app listings.

While one really only needs to develop an app, pay $99 to become an Apple Developer, and upload it to the App Store to start on their path towards app mogul status, it’s becoming clear that design, marketing and virality are critical components of app success. Vía Vargas Media offers marketing, social media, public relations, and eCommerce experience in the culinary, tourism, and transportation industries, so they appear to have their bases covered!