Diary of a Trep – 6-20-12


Two sports have completely consumed me: waterpolo and kendo. In both sports, I had teachers who told me, “The best defense is offense.” Now that I have been playing the entrepreneur game for a year, I think I may finally be coming to another level of understanding of the phrase.

Although there is no “opponent” per se, “The Market” is more then a worthy adversary.

Ben Horowitz recently wrote an article about “The Struggle.” All entrepreneurs, especially those who have poured their heart and soul into anything of gravity, and laid it all on the line, can understand this struggle. But as Ben points out, “there is always a move.”

My advice: focus on that move. The best defense is offense.

Who am I?

I am a co-founder of The Box Jelly, Hawaii’s first coworking space. I’m the “Enzyme.”  

Since co-founding The Box Jelly I have joined a handful of other related endeavors, including Startup Hawaii, AlohaStartups, and others with the word “startup” in them :). I teach entrepreneurship as the Hawaii Director for Palo Alto-based Camp BizSmart, and I’m a Design Thinking Hawaii coach. I was also recently named both the Hawaii Venture Capital Association and Chaminade Hogan “Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2011, and I hold a degree in international trade & finance from Chaminade.

Recently, I was tapped to lead a Henk Rogers-backed team as we create a Hawaii-based startup accelerator. This diary will cover all the trials, tribulations and musings of our accelerator endeavor.