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ProfileStore™ (PS) is a next generation Social employee engagement portal/Intranet/Extranet solution with a powerful knowledge-base and is suitable for very small, small, medium, large & also very large enterprises in need of real time collaboration, document management and knowledge building irrespective of their size, industry and customer focus.
PS is designed and built to scale as per organization needs and supports multiple deployment models like On-premise (organizations with a functional IT department & private clouds) & SAAS for pay per user arrangements(Private, hybrid clouds & Internet).

Here are a few pressing points why every organization should evaluate & use ProfileStore
1. Helps organizations to build an easy to use, intuitive, web 2.0 ready, social employment engagement portal with a powerful Knowledge-base in less than 5 minutes.
2. Encourages employee contribution & participation thus building responsibility, fairness and a sense of belonging within an organization.
3. Employee empowerment facilitates participation & collaboration even across bureaucratic borders(if it they exists) thus helps build a knowledge sharing culture.
4. Helps organization leaders to evangelize by their ideas, future plans, commitments ensuring maximum reach and participation.
5. Bold employee web profiles exposing user contribution & their other social endpoints help building a healthier inter personal employee relationships.
6. Helps HR department to better understand employee interests, talent discovery and design more fulfilling & targeted recognition programs.
7. Easily build/restructure Information architecture with powerful features like “Company boards” and “Locations”.
8. Helps employees find the required relevant information faster and on time thus infusing efficiency in day to day work.
9. Organizations over the period of time can builds a taxonomy based knowledge-base for best practices, research artifacts, policy documents, training videos, presentations , music etc in form of Question/Answers, Documents/Records, Wikis, Blog Posts, Discussions, Polls & Podcasts.
10. Intuitive Private & Public sharing controls & regulates information access & flow with ease.
11. PS Knowledgebase provides an intelligent & fast KB search with “Search suggest“ feature which readily searches the content and also suggests keywords based familiarity & relevance.
12. PS is built over leading industry Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) SharePoint foundation 2010.
13. Users can choose their preferred language & theme.
14. Has almost all the common intranet features like Announcements, Quick links, featured content, enterprise dashboard, Top contributors, birthday’s today etc.

ProfileStore is a result of three years of hard work, research & evolution to know more please visit , drop us a line to request a demo/installation –

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