Startup Weekend Honolulu 2 – and the Winner Is..

After Nine pitches the winner is: WhoWillSee.Me allows you to see a Dr. NOW not in days. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Pick a Time.
2. See which Dr. are available at your selected time.
3. Book your Appointment.

Second Place: Tealet

Tealet is a direct from grower tea-commerce platform that allows US tea drinkers to connect with teas from around the world. Growers post their stories and teas while drinkers browse, review, and purchase teas. This social tea-commerce platform is innovating the way in which growers and drinkers share the tea experience.

Third Place: LaughPop

LaughPop makes it easy for you to find others who share your sense of humor, and share the things that make you laugh the hardest.

In total 10 Teams Pitched to a packed warehouse.

Pitch Lineup:
WOAH Buddy
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