Startup Weekend Honolulu Day 2. Teams

Day two. Teams formed and business underway. Below is a listing of SWHNL teams. (Note not all teams are accounted for, for a detailed look visit the StartupWeekend mother ship. Data courtesy of Watch our Twitter feed and Fb for real time coverage.


Rewardya is an advertising platform that allows merchants to participate in a loyalty based system that attracts and keeps customers coming back and allows consumers to earn rewards for their everyday purchases.


PartyMD is an aggregation of check-ins that will inform a person how ‘Hot’ a party is using the data to present a graph/chart for a particular venue.

WOAH Buddy

A mobile based app

Find My E-Team

A way for entrepreneurs and motivated skilled workers to collaborate and connect to launch companies. Ideas and skills sets will be advertised and matches will be generated based on their best match.


Tealet is a direct from grower tea-commerce platform that allows US tea drinkers to connect with teas from around the world. Growers post their stories and teas while drinkers browse, review, and purchase teas. This social tea-commerce platform is innovating the way in which growers and drinkers share the tea experience.


LinkedOut is a web-based social network that takes you from online to the outdoors… changing the way we network, by building trust and relationships through outdoor activities.


Don’t laugh alone!

Laughpop makes it easy for you to find others who share your sense of humor, and share the things that make you laugh the hardest.


Tie Combinator simplifies selection of the perfect neckwear for you regardless of the occasion. Show us an image of your shirt and Tie Combinator finds you the best tie to compliment the ensamble using special swagger sauce and unicorn tears. Never be “That Guy” with the whack tie again. Sign up today.