Honolulu’s Shacked Apps Releases TeleTweet, Offers Free Extras Until April 26

The Hawaii Kai duo behind Shacked Apps TeleTweet iPhone App iTunesShacked Apps has just released their latest new app, TeleTweet, which allows you to send and receive Twitter messages via Morse code right from your iPhone. It’s available now in iTunes at this link.

Designed to preserve the look, feel, and sound of classic telegraph keys, TeleTweet integrates with Twitter to give users the nostalgic feeling of sending or receiving a telegram in Morse code. As messages are tapped on the realistic telegraph key, they are automatically translated into letters and numbers and published to your Twitter stream for your followers to read. For people you follow on Twitter, TeleTweet translates their messages into Morse code and taps those messages aloud in authentic sounds, as if you were receiving an actual telegram.

Looking at the screen grab here, it’s obvious that Shacked spent a lot of time on the design. In a statement released last week, Chad Podoski, co-founder and chief designer at Shacked, had this to say:

“We wanted to give our customers the feeling of sitting down at a telegraph office 150 years ago and tapping out a message to a faraway friend. We spent a lot of time getting the look, sounds, and entire experience perfect before we felt ready to release TeleTweet.”

It’s obvious, and it shows through in the look, feel, and operation of TeleTweet.

Free Morse Code Cheat Sheet

Shacked also announced that those who install TeleTweet before midnight on April 26, 2012, can access a free Morse code cheat sheet, designed in authentic steampunk style. To access the cheat sheet, simply use TeleTweet to create a Twitter message that includes the Twitter handle @TeleTweet. Once that message is received, users will be sent the access code to download the free cheat sheet.

Generating Buzz

TeleTweet has been getting a lot of mainstream coverage, which is fantastic for Shacked, and brings more attention to Hawaii’s startup community. Major app- and tech-focused publications, such as TechCrunch, Macgasm, MacStories, and Phones Review UK have picked up the TeleTweet story, and even Hawaii’s own Hawaii Blog has a great post on TeleTweet.

Helpful for Learning Morse Code

“From a purely practical perspective, we built a fun app that will help people learn and teach Morse code,” added Jason Skicewicz, co-founder and chief developer at Shacked, in Shacked’s released statement. “TeleTweet takes something that millions of people do every day—sending Twitter messages—and turns it into an immersive teaching tool. The best way to learn any language is to put it into daily use. TeleTweet does that for Twitter’s nearly 500 million registered users.”

To download the app, visit TeleTweet’s iTunes page at this link.

This marks the fourth major iOS app to be released by the Hawaii Kai app moguls known as Shacked. In addition to TeleTweet, their portfolio also includes Gube (kid-safe videos), Flickpad (for Facebook and Flickr photos on your iPad), and The Now (for mindful living).

Just another great example of one of Hawaii’s great startups in action!