808STARTUP: Happy Hour Hawaii

Sigh. It’s 4:09 pm and I’m wiped. I should probably go for a run to build up some energy after a long, hard day at the office.

Screw that, I need a beer! Pau hana!

But where to go for a cheap drink that fits with a startup founder’s salary of zero? Well, let me just whip out my smartphone, fire up Happy Hour Hawaii’s app (or go to their website), and  then quickly find the closest happy hours and their full details.

Looks like The Shack is having a happy hour right now! All beers, well drinks, and wines are only three bucks. Oh, and since it’s Monday, or “Aloha Monday” according to The Shack, there are all-day vodka and IPA specials. Sweet!

What an awesome idea: a detailed, location-aware app focused on finding you the best deals that are happening right now. Businesses have been having “happy hours” for decades, long before the Groupons ever popped up with their fleeting specials, and long before the Yelps gave you reasons not to go to a place regardless of their happy hour special. I wonder who started the happy hour? Oh wait, I have access to the internet…and all of the knowledge in the universe. I AM GOD!

Whew, I really need a drink. Oh, Happy Hour Hawaii is telling me that Bluwater Grill has a buck off all drinks until 6:00 pm. I’m outta here! 😉


Here’s the 808 on Happy Hour Hawaii:

808STARTUP “Happy Hour Hawaii provides a quick and easy way for families, couples, and pau hana partiers to find good food and drinks at great prices. The resource started as a website that was built by a local couple, and has since evolved into free iPhone, Android, and iPad apps. The applications offer a wide variety of features and all use GPS to help users find the best happy hours closest to their location.Happy Hour Hawaii is unlike other restaurant related resources, which generally provide little more than an infrequently updated list of restaurants. Happy Hour Hawaii aims to provide an alternative, working like a social network that allows restaurants to manage their own content. By allowing restaurants to manage their own menus and hours, Happy Hour Hawaii offers users the most up-to-date happy hour information throughout the islands.”
STARTERS Brandon and Carey Bennett
COMPETITION Lots, from Nonstop Honolulu to Happy-Hour.com to Yelp
CONTACT Email: carey@happyhourhawaii.com
Facebook: facebook.com/HappyHourHawaii
Twitter: @happyhourhawaii
Phone: (808) 383-1902

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