Leadership, The Moxie Way

We’ve written recently about the fresh approach and enthusiastic team behind moxie3innovations, so we were genuinely excited to learn about their latest initiative: My Moxie Movement.

“My Moxie Movement is a project to thank, honor and acknowledge leaders in our lives and our world,” explained Sherice Ajifu, who, along with Jennifer Tengan and Dana Kagawa, make up the “3” in moxie3innovations. “It’s an opportunity to thank individuals who have both knowingly and unknowingly provided you with the moxie to create your story, develop your dreams and evolve your life!”

The team at moxie3 talks about how they use “passion, happiness and success” to guide their business and their initiatives, and this new project definitely covers all three of those pillars. In starting this project, moxie3 hopes to “create, develop, and evolve new leaders” for Hawaii and beyond by creating a community facility focused on passing down those elusive leadership qualities from one generation to the next.

“We are who we are today becauce of the leaders who have influenced our lives,” they say in the great video (here and embedded below – and amazingly effective in it’s simplicity) that fully explains My Moxie Movement, and gives you the chance to help contribute to its success.

“While we primarily do visual communication services, our long term goal is to affect the community in a positive way,” continued Ajifu. “However, we do not currently have the means nor the tools to make an impact in a large magnitude. Similar to the ‘pay it forward’ movement, moxie3innovations is sponsoring a line in which we will each thank, honor and acknowledge three leaders in our lives and allow those leaders to choose three leaders in their lives which they can thank, honor and acknowledge by providing them with a card, sticker, and shirt. We are hoping others will join in the movement by purchasing their own line or their own shirts, cards and stickers to pass along to leaders in their lives.”

“Our goal is to then learn from these leaders – through whatever means possible – to achieve our dream of creating a community facility that can empower future generations to live their lives with moxie,” says Ajifu.  “We hope these leaders will be willing to teach us how to be leaders, how to inspire others, how to motivate our youth, and whatever else they know to help us shape our Hawaii, and ultimately our world, to be a better place.”

To achieve their goal of recognizing and creating leaders in the community, moxie3 is utilizing another innovative, made-in-Hawaii tool: Ricebowlproject.com. Similar to Kickstarter, Ricebowlproject is a new (My Moxie Movement is their very first project!) crowdfunding platform that allows “anyone with an idea that would benefit the community (the ability) to achieve it.” Ricebowlproject, founded by Wayne Chi, also walks the walk, donating 1% of their annual gross revenues to the Oceanic Preservation Society via 1% For The Planet.

On My Moxie Movement’s Ricebowlproject page,  they are currently having a “pre-sale” to help them raise $15,000 to fund this initiative. They’ve already raised over $2,300, and have created different pledge levels that each come with “rewards” if the project reaches full funding.

So grab your credit card, head over to My Moxie Movement’s Ricebowlproject page, and make a pledge to help these three current leaders create Hawaii’s next leaders!