Treed Project Planner App: We *Had* 10 Free Promo Codes!

UPDATE: Sorry, but all of the promo codes have already been snapped up! Thanks for your interest.

Wow, the team at Pas de Chocolat is busy! It seems like we just covered their iPad project planner app, Treed, and they’ve already updated it with some new features and user-friendly upgrades.

Treed project planning app for iPadTo celebrate, they’ve given us promo codes for 10 free downloads, and we’re giving them right to you! The first 10 people to email us at get ’em. It’s a $9.99 app, so you’re saving enough to buy a few soy, double shot, decaf, no foam, extra hot, mochas to help you focus while you begin plugging your current projects into the Treed app.

What’s been updated? Well, we asked that same question…

“Our latest update is our sixth to this app,” said Kyle Oba of Pas de Chocolat . “It is probably our biggest update so far, in terms of new features.”

The new features include:

  • New, faster, multiple-task entry process
  • New preferences section
  • More user-friendly input box helper text
  • Clearer project and task labels

Other updates in December included the ability to save Treed plans to PDF via either iBooks or the Dropbox app, AirPrint compatibility, and emailing of PDF plans.

If you’d like to give Treed a try, email us for your chance to win one of the 10 free promo codes!