Great Health Options Wants Your Input

Great Health Options, the Honolulu startup formed and launched at the recent Startup Weekend Honolulu, continues in their mission to help bring transparency to healthcare pricing for the uninsured and under-insured. To help inform their strategy, the Great Health Options (GHO) team has released two new surveys, one aimed at consumers with or without insurance, the other at doctors or other alternative healthcare providers.

Great Health Options Hawaii Startup“The purpose of the consumer survey is to understand how people are currently insured, how they decide where to go and who to see when they need healthcare, what they do when they are between jobs, and what they perceive as the cause of high healthcare costs in America,” said Brant Wojack, founder and CEO of Great Health Options. “The provider survey lets us know if providers are willing to offer cash discounts to out-of-pocket paying patients, willing to accept appointments from uninsured patients, their percentage of patients who do not have insurance and what they perceive as the cause of high healthcare costs in America.”

It is refreshing to see a startup willing to put in the time for market research as they get their business ramped up. Too often, startups develop their concept in a closed bubble, waiting until after launch to seek outside input, feedback or opinions. By getting this public feedback early in their growth, GHO can better focus their solution on actual, not perceived, issues.

Both surveys are open to the public and can be accessed at the bottom of GHO’s homepage.