Masters in Startup Awesomeness

If you’re in the startup realm, you probably have your fav blogs and news sources that you scour every day for ideas, inspiration, and updates. One that you should add to that list is, written by Dharmesh Shah. He has built quite a collection of insights, like his recent post, Forget The MBA: How About a Masters In Startup Awesomeness. OnStartupsWhile I took his criticism of traditional MBAs as tongue-in-cheek, especially since he has an MBA himself, the piece does link to a treasure trove of articles about the various business aspects of startups, from people to pricing to strategy. Given my own MBA experience, I would highly recommend an actual MBA to anyone, regardless of role or school or age or career path. The value of what you learn, new perspectives that you hear, and connections that you make are just amazing, and really give you an entirely different view of business, whether you work in a huge corporation or a one-person startup. Give it a read and let us know what you think.