AlohaStartups presents Leigh-Ann Miyasato from Entrepreneurs Foundation, part of the Startup Weekend Speakers Series

Topic: Building Social Responsibility into Every Startup
November 16 @ 6:00pm

We’ll also be having a pre- and post-event mixer so that you can learn more about Startup Weekend Honolulu and how you can participate. Catch up with past teams to see how they are doing.

It doesn’t take much more than a laptop and a phone to start a business these days, but it’s nearly impossible to succeed without the support of others. That’s true in life as well, which is one of the fundamentals behind Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawai`i, a non-profit that makes it easy for entrepreneurial companies to give back to the community.

Join us on Wednesday, November 16, at 6:00 pm at TheBoxJelly as Leigh-Ann Miyasato, the group’s executive director, talks about her organization, why every startup should think about social responsibility from day one, and how Hawaii’s startups can get involved with their communities.

When: November 16 @ 6:00pm
The Box Jelly
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Speaker: Leigh-Ann Miyasato, President & Executive Director of Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawai`i

Brought to you by AlohaStartups as part of the Hawaii Startup Weekend speaker series.