808STARTUP: Storytree

808STARTUP: “Storytree app helps you capture and share the important parts of your life with the people you care most about.”

STARTERS: Matthew Sullivan – Co-Founder, CEO + Dsigner Stanford Grad Born and raised in Hawaii.
Zach Weiner – Co-Founder, CTO currently studying Symbolic Systems (Computer Science + Cognitive Science) at Stanford

LOCATION: Mountain View, CA… Looking for peeps in Hawaii.


COMPETITION: Path, Facebook Timeline, Erly, Ancestry.com

BACKING: Dave McClure, 500 Startups, The Designer Fund, Christina Brodbeck (Founding team of YouTube), Stanford d.school

LOOKING FOR: Currently looking for developers (see Aloha Connections)
Matt grew up in Hawaii realizes that too many companies take the most talented people in Hawaii and move them to the California. “Why not take the best companies in California and move them to Hawaii?” E-mail Storytree for opportunities. “We want the story behind the building of Storytree to be a story worth telling our grandchildren.” (Matthew Sullivan – Co-Founder)

CONTACT: http://www.storytree.me