808STARTUP: CardioPanda

808STARTUP: CardioPanda is the only simple, unifying social channel that cuts through the clutter to match fitness and activity enthusiasts with partners, events, experts, and businesses based on personal interests and location. CP connects and motivates local users and provides a social platform for businesses to effectively and affordably engage their target markets.

Why search CraigsList for trainers only to get conned by opportunists with no proof of certification? CardioPanda’s consumer-confidence ratings and customer reviews will make selecting the right trainer, chiropractor, or dance studio a breeze. While Yelp provides user ratings, its data-flow is not automated, its UI/UX is not gamified, and the experience is not social.¬†As unbelievable as it seems, while everyone was reaching for the stars, nobody kept their eyes on the trail to pick this low-hanging fruit. CardioPanda is positioning to be the only single source that provides a quick, easy, fun way to find partners, gyms, experts, advice, hiking trails, etc.

CardioPanda will launch on Oahu in early 2012 before expanding nationally.

“Get active. We make it EASY!”



COMPETITION: There are millions of sources of information for health and fitness activities on the Web. That’s precisely the problem!

BACKING: Self-funded and are not actively seeking funding, although this could change soon.

LOOKING FOR: Currently not looking for team members, although this could also change soon.

Contact: www.facebook.com/cardiopanda